day54~bass day~



Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

Today’s meal menu


two peaces of bread / watermelon / stir fried rice tastes kimchi / soup / fresh vegetables / a cup of black coffee /


kimchi / cauliflower/ okra and pumpkin / sweet potato / beans sprout soup / deep fried chicken /


spring rolled banana / spinach / kimchi / stir fried minced beef /


Today 11/11 is called “bass day”right?  I don’t know whether it is global or not, but it is already common among bass guitar players in Japan : D


So I uploaded my new video on youtube , it is my favorite bass guitar player ‘s song Pow – Larry Grahm !!


Larry Graham is one of my favorite bass guitar players .  All of other my favorite players are  effected by LarryGraham .  Therefore I think he is a living legend ! ; D

His song is not so complicated ;however it is not a walk in the park to groove like him.


I need to learn more : D






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