Singapore 3~llaollao~




Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


Here in Singapore , I knew great sweets shop.

Do you know “llaollao”?

It’s the first time I try.

First, choose the size of yogurt . I chose M cause it can get 3 topping menu.


It is dragon fruit , mango, mellon.


Singapore has many kinds of fruits. Good!!


It is not normal yogurt, this is FROZEN YOGURT.!!


However the figure is like ice-cream…. I had a  little doubt if it is really yogurt.


Anyway, I had a go!!
















If I can afford , I’m gonna eat this everyday!!!!!


According to the Internet, it came from Spain . And There is the store in Osaka, too. I’m not sure about Tokyo.


I hope llaollao will get more popular in Japan, too!!!!!

I ‘ll be supporter!





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