day44~Manila to Baguio~




Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


 I had a good trip in Singapore!

Well, I need to take a taxi from Manila airport (Ninoy Aquino International Airport)to Pasay bus terminal for going to Baguio by bus.

However , taking a taxi in Manila airport is so dangerous to tourist . Many people told me  so.  I need to be careful cause here is different with Baguio city.


I called the taxi driver I met when I went to Airport terminal 1 on my phone.  But it couldn’t be connected . Maybe there is something problem on my phone or his phone, or his number is wrong ,and so on…

So I decided to take other taxi.  According to the internet, many taxi driver try to lip off . Some Japanese paid 1,800PH, but some Japanese who negotiated paid only 250 PH for the same destination with me.  (I think he is good English speaker ..)

Anyway, just waiting will not bring me anything. I ought to have a go now!!

Then, a white taxi that has customer  showed up in front of me.  And the customer got out of the taxi.    Now, it’s the timing!!

I walked up the taxi driver and asked.

「How much does it cost here to Pasay bus terminal ?」

「Get in!! Lock! Lock!」

I thought he is strange cause he didn’t answer about the cost.

「No! First , tell me !!」

「Okey, I’ll use the mater! Lock! Lock!」

「Why the meter is already 100PH!? Reset !! Right now!!」

The driver didn’t reset then, but a security guard walked up to us . Maybe the place is not allowed to stop. I had no choice but to get in the taxi,and we left there.


I asked again.

「I can go to Pasay bus terminal within 200PH, right?」


Then finally , the driver reseted the meter .

「Okey, thank you gentleman .」


I relieved only a little to hear that.  Although , I should communicate with him  by staying on my guard.

「You speak English well…  Many Korean never speak English. Just body action. It’s so hard…」

「Oh, really? But I’m also not good enough..」

I think he has mis understood I’m Korean.

We arrived the bus terminal.  I checked how the meter is.



It was





only 113 PH.   lol


Thanks good driver..   I know there are a lot of bad taxi drivers here in Manila, but I must never forget there are good people ,too.

I think the experience brought me up a notch.







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