day38~new classmate!?~




Hey  guys!! I ‘m a  bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



I have a good news, I managed to get other student to attend my night class!!( I was the only student in the class in spite of group class.)

His name is Ichirro, from Japan. He works at the company in Japan and it seems the company’s  boss asked for getting TOEIC score him in three months that’s why he’s been here.  According to the students taking TOEIC course , they usually focus on only exam.  So I thought the night group class can be good for him.

When we arrived at the classroom, There was another guy.  He was taking the class as trial .

It’s for the first time in a while I attend the night group class with someone. They looked kinda fun, I also got happy to see their nice countenance .

When the teacher called it a day, he said to them “See you tomorrow!”, and they also responded “See you tomorrow”.   Maybe I’ll be able to have classmate♪♪ I’m very happy cause I couldn’t practice for conversation in the class ever .

I’m beside with myself with joy.

Of course. the teacher also looked fun.

I’m relieved and out out of the pressure .lol



Good night.





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