Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!




My PC doesn’t work well…. I can sound something strange … What the heck.

I have a lot of date , above all rap top  is too expensive I can’t afford to buy new one with my salary.

I hope it would be okey….Probably the battery has some problem.


By the way I have one night group class now. The teacher is only native speaker in the school.  I like his class, however unfortunately the student is only me…lol  It’s  good for me , but I’m pretty sure he feels bored .  I was feeling sorry every time….

Today the teacher asked for inviting other students to the class to me.

I know most students hate to attend late time class . In fact, the people I invited to the class refused my offer. What a shame…

I thing getting someone who will  join the class is hard cause they want to be relaxed at the night.

I’ll keep to find out someone without confidence….

Today I feel so tired And my left eye also doesn’t work well…

Good night…… Have a nice dream.







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