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Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



Nowadays , I’d been considering if I change my course “SEMI SPARTA ” to “IELTS”, actually.  I’ve decided I’m about to change.

So I had a enroll test to check my English level today.   I heard IELTS course is  the highest level in this school from many people around me . Japanese manager told me that I’ll have to do much more homework everyday than now, in fact many students are often absent from the class for getting done it.

Probably my course “SEMI SPARTA” is fun all the time cause it’s focused on ordinary conversation . I’m allowed to  talk to teacher without nervousness and I can always choose only simple words such the words I learned in junior high school.

I may  be able to get speak smoothy if I stay at the course . However, it would be just only that. I’m anxious to improve my cultural level of English.

Although , the exam was too difficult more than I expected. lol

I took the test of speaking, reading, writing, listening.

Especially , the reading has too much vocabulary and phrase I don’t understand. Then  I knew how difficult IELTS is .   I answered only 4 questions….  I hope I’ll be accepted to enroll in IELTS course…




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