Hey guys! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



Today’s meal menu



spinach / potato salad sandwich / banana / soup / rice / tuna / black coffee /



kimchi / been sprout / rice / meat and tteokbokki / soup / rice cake / stir fried tofu /



kimchi / fruit salada / grilled fish  / deep fried mix vegetable / broccoli and chicken / soup /




Some people might  know, I didn’t  have  many  friend because of my shy and negative character. lol

However now, I wonder why I have many friends here .

Today is Tuesday, most people have a livery conversation about weekend plan.

「Hey Juna , do you have any plan this weekend?」

「Do you go to a bar? If you will , let me go together !」

「I wanna try to go to a club! Could you come with me?」

「Shall we have a party for the student who graduated? 」

It knocks my socks off .

In Japan, there aren’t many people who invite me for hangout .

But here in Baguio, friend’s friend is also my friend.

People who talked me once s also  friend from then.


I hope I could become more sociable person than before.





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