Hey guys!! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

Today, I couldn’t take pictures of meals because the battery died.

Oh , I uploaded new video on youtube for the first time in a while.

Larry Graham’s song, The jam.

I shoot the video when I was in Japan. I think it was September 13th . The reason I remember is that I shoot the video on the day of gig.


By the way, my Vietnamese roommate said to me that she is not good at listening to Japanese English pronunciation , but she can understand my English because according her my pronunciation is clear.


I was really surprised . In fact, I see that when I’m talking  about something longer, some teacher frowns  . It brought my opinion that my pronunciation is terrible.

At first , most teachers corrected my pronunciation every time. But  these days some teacher turned into that they don’t correct so often. Then I thought they realized  that I don’t have a sense of speaking correct pronunciation.  I’m not sure, however maybe I’m getting better….. ? I hope so.




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