day~20 date with my love roommates~



Hey guys!! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


I was really looking forward to this day because I had  a plan to eat out with my love roommates.♪♪

According to Rocky, the restaurant has the best spicy food in Baguio. Jenny also expected I would be unable to eat this spicy  I’m Japanese, but I also like spicy food!

It made of octopus, pork meat , been sprout , ddeokbokki, and much spicy

When I went to Korea for the performance, I ate samgyeopsal    and it was not so spicy. It is the first time I eat real Korean spicy food.

they told me how to common eat chukumi .  At first when I put it into mouth, I thought It’s just right now.  However it was getting soooo spicy little by little. lol  It made me sweaty. I like this.

Finally they ware very surprised that I ate all. Most Japanese guy seems to will have diarrhea after eating. lol But I’m fin. ♪

After that we looked for a pancake restaurant because we love pancake….(*^_^*)

Jenny searched on Internet, but the information was old.

We asked some people around SM mall. It was neighborfood from there. We could find!! Thanks Jenny!!

Actually we ware going to another pancake restaurant , however it was

Although , this choice was right! The pancake was simple and very soft . It was much more wonderful than I expected!!

I’m really happy to eat out with my love roommates . Thanks for the great time.


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