day19~new teacher~




Hey guys!! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!



bread / papaya / fresh salad / stir fried rice / soup / black coffee /


miso soup / sweet potato / kimchi / stir fried vegetables / fresh salad / fried chicken / site fried rice /



curry and rice / bean sprout / kimchi / egg soup / turon /


My one on one speaking class’s teacher seemed to be quit her job… (;0;)

She always had a good attitude and gave kind explanation. When I couldn’t understand , she explained   again and again with other way.

So I really liked her.  What a shame…


Therefore now I’ve been learning English from new teacher.

She looks young and beautiful. We have a lively conversation with girls talk frequency. lol  Her class is very interesting.


One day.


teacher「Juna , please bring your guitar! Friday!!」


I brought it and teached how to play the guitar in the class.

I’m sure she has a lot of talented to play the bass guitar.

She could remember how to play the bass guitar in 1 hours. Already she can play the song called isn’t she lovely by stevie wonder. I think I am a good bass instructor while.♪

She looked very fun.  When I look at her, I was also very fun.  And I could learned how to teach playing the bass guitar in English.



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