day18 ~ Why my skin is dark~





Hey guys!! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!




bread / rice / sausage /soup / apple / black coffee /



corm / rice / stir fried vegetables / tomato and lettuce / kimchi / deep fried sausage / clam chowder /


tomato and cucumber ,lettuce  / beens sprout soup / rice /  deep fried vegetables / site fried vegetables / deep fried dumpling /








It was the beautiful weather this morning.

Juna「Good morning」
Teacher 「Good morning Juna. Will we have a class outside?」
Juna「Oh exactly it is nice weather. Both is okey.」
Teacher「Okey, let’s go!♪♪」

Sometimes, we have a class at the garden. I kind of like this way cause we can enjoy nice natural view during the class.

Teacher「 It’s too hot! No~~」
Juna 「Cause you are wearing a long sweater now!. It’s just right for me, I like hot places .」
Teacher「Because I don’t want to get sunburn anymore!! Your skin is also dark.」
Juna「Yeah many teacher in BECI told me I look like Filipino .」

Although , I think my skin should be not as dark as people say.

In the break time, I was just looking at the picture of me and Rocky .



Oh…. Compared with Rocky, exactly  dark. lol

A couple of days ago, my friend asked me why my skin is dark.

No reason . I didn’t mean it. I just answered .



「Having dark skin is the best way to hide my body hair.」



She looked be satisfied.♪





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