Day5 ~Hundred Islands~



Hey guys!! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!

Today is holiday here in the Philippines. So I have no class!   However there is no electronic  power my place every holiday …  If I am at the dorm , I will never be able to charge, conect wifi, you name it.  We have too many preparation  and reviews. Of cause ,we wanna study hard more ,too but  chose to just enjoy vacation.

In the morning, left the school at 4:30 AM  and had breakfast at Jollibee.
The set is 60 PH.
And ride the boat all the way to one of the hundred island.
I felt really good.
With friends on the boat
Japanese , Taiwanese and Vietnamese^^.
Actually, I’m a very shy parson. So I was very afraid if I’ll be friend with someone.
However there are many good people in this school.  Always kind, have a good sense of humor , serious student.
Most people in Japan choose Cebu , but I’m very satisfied with  that I chose this school and Baguio City.
There are many islands.
I thought hundred islands is the island’s name. It was wrong.
There are many islands there , but it depends day by day.
What’s that?
Like Statue of Liberty…..? I’m not sure.
At first island, we played ZIPLINE. It is 250 PH.
Actually , I didn’t wanna try that because scary . But many people pressed me that definitely I should try to do that as a experience .
We went up the mountain for around 15 minutes.  there was really high…. Then I  thought I don’t want to that ,after all…… However There isn’t my options already.
I DID !!!!
Wow, how’s beautiful .  I was screaming and I was really exciting.  If it’s possible, I wanted to play ZIPLINE again!! It was a great experience. It was true that my friends said.!! 
At second island,
The teacher told us to go into the sea from the boat. I didn’t wear swimsuit and actually…. I already forgot how to swim…. I can not swim…
I didn’t want to go into the sea, but teacher said that I should try ,over and over. So I did!!
I was very afraid but I was wearing a life jacket. So I didn’t  die.
The water was not too cold so it felt nice. I was very relaxed in the sea. ♪♪
We swam into the cave. There were many  bats there and they were twittering noisy . The place was dark and weird.
I could see  more dark and weird and really small place the inside. Teacher said GO!! However, definitely I didn’t want to go because scary and I might have conjunctivitis now. So I didn’t want to duck .Above all, it was scary…lol
Most people went to inside already, but I and some friends could not go. They are claustrophobia.
Then a snake showed up in front of us!!!!! lol
I thought need to go for survival.. LIVE OR DIE.
so I DID!!
I closed my eyes and went ahead.

Suddenly it got bright and I heard everyone’s voice. There was a beautiful ocean view stretching out in front of me.


From these experiences, I knew that I was wrong.

I have many things that I feel scary.   However , anyway I always should CHALLENGE . If I don’t challenge, it would be just boring.  life is also same.   I should  try anytime,anywhere!


After that, We enjoyed BBQ party♪♪

banana / crab / shrimp / meat / litchi /vegetables / etc..♪♪

I loved here in the Philippines more today.



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