Day 4 ~correct ….?~



Hey guys!! I am a  bass guitar player Juna Serita!!





bread / rice / papaya(?) / soup / sunny side up egg / coffee



rice / potato (When I saw it, I expected it is egg.) , tofu, kimchi ,  fried vegetables and banana / soup /



tempra(deep-fried fish and vegetables in a light batter) / kimchi / soup / fish seasoned something / rice / vegetables /





What do you think about the picture??

I am from Japan.  Usually, when the answer is correct , we use ◯ .  And wrong answer is check mark 〆.  So when I saw this, I thought my all answer is wrong. lol  Cultural difference.

According to the teacher, Japanese, Chine, Korea and Taiwanese are same.  I didn’t know that at all. Thanks teacher to tell me.


I was studying at the lounge until midnight with my roommate Rocky.

She is a nurse in Korea. She is always very hard on herself and  was studying until late night yesterday,too. However she gets up early every morning.

When I told her that she need sleep more, she told me  she doesn’t need sleep and should study hard more and more.

I respect.  I also need to study harder .





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