SOFP@Zher the ZOO Yoyogi



Hey guys!! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita!!


I had a gig of SHOKA OKUBO BLUES PROJECT at Zher the ZOO in Yoyogi, Tokyo today.

However the flier said SHOKA OKUBO FUNKY PROJECT…..I didn’t know that , but we might changed the band

Exactly, Emi’s drum play is so funky!! I love it.
Many fan came there, thanks.

I wanted many people to watch the gig cause the band called SHOKA OKUBO FUNKY PROJECT is so cool. I can say that with confidence!


I also sang two songs as a main vocalist today.

Great photos!
My manager MIKIMAMA also came there. I told her I have diarrhea today, too. So she brought the medicine for me… I really appreciate her kind.


I’m really gonna miss Shoka and Emi.

They are band member and close friend. I am looking forward to playing with them again when I came back to Japan.


By the way, I have a gig with Japanese legend musicians day after tomorrow.

It’s Jeff Beck tribute band.  It’ll be the last gig for me before study abroad.

Please come.☆





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