Otoyokocho in Ueno



Hey guys! I’m a bass guitar player Juna Serita !

I had a gig with some nice guitar players at Otoyokocho in Ueno, Tokyo today.

I perform with them 5 songs.

Oh, did you see the video on my twitter?

Do you know the song called Marunouchi sadistic by Shiina Ringo? We played this song today’s gig. So I was practicing it in the morning at home.
When I was young, I liked her so much! Of cause , now ,too.

She is one of the most popular singers in Japan. I sing her song often when I go to karaoke. I’m happy to play this song.

I look like very fun!! I was surprised because I always play the bass guitar seriously at gigs (almost no smile).

Exactly I was fun. It was nice jamming.


Anyway, thanks for coming!

A fan gave me a present!! It’s curry. All looks yummy.

I love curry….♪♪

I’m not sure, but he seemed to be filled with tears…  I just hope his happiness.


I took a video myself today’s gig. So if it’s interesting, I’ll upload on my twitter,Instagram and Facebook page later.


Good night.




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