Sounds Like Chicken@American military base


Hey guys! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!

It’s a beautiful day today. Too hot!

I had a gig as Sounds like chicken at outside of a bar in American military base in Yokosuka, Kanazawa prefecture.

Here is a good place! Many people listened to our performance while they  having dinner at night .

We performed many songs.



1st stage

1 Only wanna be with you

2 Banana Pancakes 

3 Bad fish

4 Last Dance

5 Follow Me

6 Wipeout

7 Under the bridge

8 The Joker


2nd stage

1 One week

2 Lazy Song

3 Santeria 

4 Come together

5 your body is wonderland

6 Low rider

7 I Will survive

8 Sweet home alabama


3rd stage

1 The old apartment 

2 Steal my kisses

3 Country Roads

4 Don’t let me down

5 Love yourself

6 Get lucky 

7 Scar Tissue 

8 Jack & Diane

9 Wonderwalll

10 Margaritaville

Some things happened during the performance, I had my musical scores blown off. lol

It was a fun time! However I got so hungry.


We got a lunch box after the gig.♪♪

There were many chicken and vegetables .

I didn’t expect to could eat yummy and healthy foods like this! Cool!


And there ware interesting menu at the bar.

I didn’t try that,but I wanna have it maybe next time.


After that, the vocalist Chris took us to this bar near Yokosuka Chuo station. His favorite.

The lady of the house was a good singer! And she was really friendly. I liked.

I didn’t have much time today, but I wanna go to Yokosuka again for grummet tour someday! I asked Chris already.

I had a great time today.





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