That’s a good way to learn English



Hey guys! I am a bass guitar player Juna Serita!


I was going to practice playing the bass guitar with the very small speaker at last midnight.

I didn’t know that it’s so flexible!!!

I had old one like this before, but it was in flexible.

A fan gave me this.  Thanks to you, I’ll be able to much practice!



By the way,  I went take a lesson of English conversation this afternoon for the first time in a while.

I couldn’t go there last time and couldn’t reschedule  because my schedule changed suddenly. What a shame…

Recently I think about a good way to improve my English skills . The lesson I’ve been taking is group lesson, so we always use textbooks and imagine many situations.

When I want to remember new expression method of English , I can’t make it at all even if I read example sentences over and over.

However , I can remember them soon if I replace the example with my situation.


textbooks : I can picture myself marrying a kind , intelligent guy.

My situation : I can picture myself marrying a middle aged man.


I like men of 45 years or over!!

Of cause I know that age is not all about results, but probably I am not interested in young man as a first impression. I feel that they are  kind of son for me.

I think if I have date with young man, I need to pay mind to him. What a drag.

I want to speak selfishly only a little and I want to have a parson who support me when I’m in some trouble.

That’s why my type is older man.


However , when I’m 40~50years old, maybe I’m big on younger

That’s crying for the moon.




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